Dr. Aaron Shenhar:

“This unique book provides a much required integrative view on innovation, project, program, and portfolio management. It should be useful to any executive who is concerned with promoting innovation and execution in the company.

Based on years of experience and writing the authors are conveying a broad understanding of these concepts to executive teams in a concise manner, together with the importance of achieving innovation or major changes within enterprises.

The executive demands listed in Chapter 7 are unique in the project management literature, and if combined with the corporate strategy, can produce excellence in selecting and executing innovative projects.”

Dr. Aaron Shenhar, PMI Fellow, Professor of Management at Stevens Institute of Technology, co-author of Reinventing Project Management: The Diamond Approach to Successful Growth and Innovation.

Marc Zocher:

“I believe this book to be much needed, about the correct level for an executive to use/grasp, and timely.”

Marc Zocher, Consultant, as Project Manager received the 2011 PMI Distinguished Project Award for the G2 Information System Project for the U. S. Dept. of Energy’s NNSA Global Threat Reduction Initiative.

Wayne Abba:

“This important book explains why executives need to build, support and maintain a mature portfolio management process.”

Wayne Abba, Abba Consulting, Internationally known advocate for project and program management using Earned Value, Adviser to the US Government Accountability Office (USGAO)

Bob Prieto:

“In Leading & Managing Innovation Russ and Shane Archibald describe three significant attributes related to successful innovation. First, the importance of the presence or, if necessary, the creation of enabling frameworks is discussed.

Second, the importance of systemic factors to successful innovation is outlined and strategies for capitalizing on the presence of these factors are discussed.

Finally, the case for project driven execution, continuously and acutely focused on well-articulated strategic objectives, is solidly made.”

Bob Prieto, Sr. Vice Pres., Flour Corp., author of Strategic Program Management.

Paul Dinsmore:

“This book zeroes in on the symbiotic relationship that exists between projects and programs, and the innovations required for organizations to gain market share and prosper.

As the authors point out in this pleasantly formatted and readable book, ‘All Significant Innovations are achieved through Projects and Programs.’ The special characteristics of innovation are discussed and the book provides an in-depth description of the basics of project management required for insuring that innovation is managed effectively and efficiently.

It will give the reader a solid overview of fundamentals and how those basics can be applied productively in these increasingly challenging times.”

Paul Dinsmore, Dinsmore Associates, PMI Fellow, co-author of Enterprise Project Governance, and author of 19 other books on project management.

Dr. Martin Barnes:

“These two really know how to organize and deliver useful new things and useful changes.”

Dr. Martin Barnes OBE; a Founder, Honorary Fellow, and former Chairman and President of the UK Association for Project Management (APM); and former Executive Director of the Major Projects Association (MPA.).

Don Perkins:

Leading and Managing Innovation is impressive and should be a useful stimulus and aid to any level of manager in a large corporation.

Don Perkins, Retired Chairman of Jewel Companies Inc.

“I just finished reading Russ’s and Shane’s new book on Innovation and it was like they were writing it for my new position. I am very excited about the innovative change we can bring to the enterprise.”

A top level executive who is “leading enterprise-wide improvements in business and management strategies, policies, and tools through the development and implementation of innovative solutions” in one of the largest U.S. Government agencies.